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Hilda Dias Pimentel ‡Playmate of the month October 2019

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Birthdate: March 8, 1991
Birthplace: Brazil
Height: 5'10" (~177 cm)
Measurements: 32-24-36

Hilda Dias Pimentel inspires self-confidence and inner peace. A gorgeous Brazilian-born model, our Miss October 2019 has been modeling since she was 16, so naturally, has seen and lived through the demands of the job. “When I was 16, a group of international model scouts came to our city. I’d never had much interest in modeling, but my family [encouraged me.] I made it through two rounds of scouting, went to Sгo Paulo in November with my mom, signed a contract, and in January I was in Milan,” she says of her start. “Modeling forced me to grow up quickly,” she mentions. “I had to learn a lot of new things like transportation, cooking, and handling money.” After 12 years in the industry, Hilda has lived all over the world in places like Europe, Asia, and South Africa, but decided to finally call New York City home. “Five years ago I was like, ‘You know what? Nope! I can’t do it anymore. I need a place where I can drop my luggage, breathe and have a couple of plant about my body,” she confides. “It’s still a daily struggle. It wasn’t until I started modeling nude that I was forced to let go of what I saw as flaws and embrace my work with more confidence." Now, Hilda wants to be a positive influence on other women. "I want women to know they don’t need approval from anybody but themselves. You are worthy.”

Playmate us  2019-10 - HQ
Ph: Ali Mitton

2019.09.17 Hilda Dias Pimentel in Playmate October 2019




Playmate us  2019-10 - Magazine 
Ph Ali Mitton




Hilda Dias Pimente


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Вы здесь » » ­Playmates » Hilda Dias Pimentel ‡Playmate of the month October 2019