Birthplace: Italy

Gabriela Giovanardi is beautiful in every sense of the word. Born in Italy, and now based in Los Angeles, this stunning brunette is proud of where she comes from, who she is, and the work she does. The words, “Italian. Very Italian.” read as her biography on her social media along with several other quotes about being deeply introspective with herself and with others. For model Gabriela, beauty on the inside is what’s most important. “The point is to look beyond the mirror and love who you are as a person,” she begins in an Instagram caption. “It is not about your size, your skin your hair, your ass, your lips. It’s about who you are — your heart, your brains, your soul, your culture.” You may recognize this successful model from her time in Guess ads or from her other work as a worldwide model. When she’s not hard at work, you can usually find Gabriela eating delicious Italian food, enjoying the simple things in life and consuming art. “Enjoy life slowly but to the fullest,” she advises. “Because more often then not, less is more and simple is better.”

2019.04.28 Gabriela Giovanardi in Blue Waters